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Earth Day Forever

Recently the world celebrated Earth Day. We spent some time at the beach soaking up some sun and cleaning up some trash! At The Meyer Life are really conscious of helping take care of this great earth of ours all the time and not just for one day/week/month. We are doing practical things that when added up with other conservative efforts can make a big difference in the world. We wanted to put together a list of things we are doing to give a little inspiration, and we want to hear what you are doing as well!

Reduce The Use of Plastics

We are making sure to use reusable water bottles whenever we possibly can. We just recently purchased these awesome Water Bricks for when we go hiking or camping. We also keep one in the car for emergency water.

We also use reusable bags when shopping instead of using paper or plastic bags. These are also great to take hiking or to the beach to pick up trash!

Instead of buying plastic utensils we just backed this awesome spork on kickstarter and are super excited to try them out! Also we use cheap reusable plates from the dollar store. For camping/ hiking cups we picked up some durable and easy to clean enamel cups.

There are some many little ways to reduce plastic use. Grab a paper straw, ditch the bottles, etc… If you have to buy plastic make sure to recycle it!

Pick Up Trash

When we go to the beach or hiking on a trail the kids are always looking for cool items like shells and rocks. We have engrained in them the desire to clean up litter as well! We always end of leaving with at least a handful of garbage to throw away. Like I mentioned above make sure to take a reusable tote to help gather all the trash you pick up.

We were in Half Moon Bay a couple of weeks ago and the boys ended up picking up some litter and even a large foam boat bumper! Make it a game for younger kids, and a challenge for you and the older kids. Reward your kids (Or yourself) for helping make the world a better and cleaner place. Ice cream is always a great reward for picking up litter at the beach!

Reduce Our Impact!

There are many ways we reduce our impact including taking shorter showers, eating from our garden, and shutting off the lights! We have switched to all rechargeable batteries, and we use some great solar options like the Foldable Solar Panel and Solar Generator to use clean energy while camping. We use solar at home and smart lights to meter power usage. There are so many things we can all do to make this world a better place, and to help preserve it for future generations. Wether you switch a bulb to LED or switch to solar power and buy a Tesla, there are many things you can do right now to reduce your impact on the planet. Every little bit helps! Ditch the plastic, use clean energy when possible, make sustainable choices! Let us know what you are doing to reduce your impact in the comments below.

Get Up, Get Out, and Create an Adventure!

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