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Grant’s Grove

Trail Info

About the Trail

The Grant’s Grove loop is an easy paved trail that winds through a grove of Giant Sequoias. You will see a variety of trees from young saplings to giant monarchs. 

There are plenty of great signs filled with information about the beautiful Giant Sequoias. This trail is a great place to start on your journey through the Sequoias. 

This trail features the General Grant tree which is actually known as America’s Christmas Tree! There is a very large, fallen, Sequoia that you can walk though/under. The kids love this one (So will you!). There are quite a few beautiful sequoias along this trail and many of them circle the parking lot. 

If you are new to the area this is the place to start. You will learn all about the trees, the history of the area, and all about the third largest tree in the world. If you have specific questions leave a comment below!

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