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We got Kayaks!

We have rented kayaks a few times and had a blast every time we went out. I have been looking for a good deal on some used kayaks. After months of scouring craigslist and saving up some extra cash, I found a local rental place that was selling some well maintained used kayaks.

Getting prepped for our first trip!

We purchased two tandem kayaks that have seating for two adults, with a jump seat in the middle for a small child/dog. They are about 14 feet long and weigh 74 pounds each. The rental place was selling the kayaks with padded seats and paddles! Some rental companies in the area sell just the boat for their advertised price. Getting the seats and paddles is a huge value-add! The kayaks be loaded and unloaded on our small jeep by two able-bodied adults… we are getting better at this!

All loaded up, ready to go!

Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of having your own boats.


  • Go anywhere (almost), anytime (almost)!
  • Personalize the boats to your liking (eg: stickers, seats, GoPro mounts, etc…)
  • Saves money! Rental fees in our area can exceed $150 per day, per kayak!
  • Not limited to rental companies boundaries.


  • Kayaks are bulky. At 14 feet and 74 pounds a piece, these can be tricky to get to the water.
  • Storage! You want to keep your kayak(s) out of the sun if possible. You will need a tall place to stand them up, or a place to mount them so they are not laying on the keel.
  • Inspection fees. Here in California we are facing an issue with invasive species of mussels hitchhiking their way into our lakes and streams. You will have to have your kayak(s) inspected each time you take them out. However, the money goes to supporting the parks and is usually only a few bucks for each boat.

Even with the cons I would totally recommend getting your own boat. If you love getting out on the water, and experiencing nature from somewhere other than the shoreline, a kayak is for you. We have had ours for a few weeks now and we have been out multiple times. We have seen tons of wildlife, cleaned up garbage, and most importantly we have grown closer as a family. The kids just asked if we are going to kayak on every day off!

If you want to know more about our setup leave a comment below or hit us up using our contact page. If you are in Central California and want to go paddling let us know! Whatever your passions are in life remember to Get up, Get Out, and Create an Adventure.

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