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iPad Mini Mount

Our truck came with a very basic stock stereo. We prioritized certain off road features instead of a stereo. The initial plan was to upgrade the stock head unit. However, there are some complications that done allow for the replacement of the stock head unit at this time. We decided instead, to use an iPad Mini with cellular data. We researched mounts and there is nothing available for our truck that we liked. Most mounts are pretty pricy. We wanted something inexpensive and that was not a total eyesore.

Custom iPad mount

We started with some quarter inch plywood (unfortunately I didn’t take many photos as I was creating from scratch – Erik). We made a small plywood shell that would fit the iPad with a few pieces of felt. We then attached a piece that would mount using two bolts on the center dash panel. The great thing about this mount is that it is fully reversible if we go a different route in the future. We glued everything up with some panels along the side to give it a more formed look. We then added some piano hinge so that we could lift the screen and access the stock stereo if needed.

After the mount was completed and sanded we coated it using spray on truck bed liner.

The total cost was about $10 plus our time. We already had the all the materials minus the bed liner however, if you needed to buy the hinge, plywood, felt, and bed liner, you would be looking at about $20-$40. If you have the tools we recommend trying something like this yourself!

The iPad is powered by a flat lightning cable plugged in to the 12v port directly above the mount. The iPad is always charging when the truck is on. The 12v is switched so it would drain the battery when the truck is not running.

Here is the finished product!

If you have any questions, would like more detailed images/info, or want to chat, leave a comment or connect with us on social! Get Up, Get Out, and Create Adventure!

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