About The Meyer’s

This is the story of how the Meyer Life came to be. The Meyer family is made up of Erik, the go with the flow dad, Christy, the planner mom and Jake, Jack and Jon, three fun, adventure loving boys. They live in California and take day trips all over the area about once a week.

But it all started in the fall of 2006 when Erik and Christy met. On their first date, they took a drive into the hills of Auburn and admired the architecture, the stars and each other (gag!) But seriously. They fell in love and were married in 2007. They went on their honeymoon to Fiji, where they snorkeled, jet skied, dinner cruised and explored. This is where that love of adventuring together was born. Christy worked and Erik finished college and when ever they could they escaped to the Sierra foothills. In 2008 Erik got a Jeep Wrangler and it furthered in helping them get outside.

In April of 2009, they learned they would become parents! How did they celebrate you ask? By going 4-wheeling of course! A few trips to Tahoe, dozens of trips to the beach later and they welcomed their first son Jake late in 2009. Having a little one didn’t slow them down. Jake took his first camping trip at 4 months of age! He loved it and slept almost the whole time. Jake also loved to ride in the Jeep with the top down and sun shining. They took many trips to the beach and a few to the mountains here and there. They had yet to discover their love of hiking together.

In 2012 they welcomed their second boy Jack. This is also when they parted ways with their beloved Jeep, it is still dearly missed today. Jack took his first camping trip at 2 months old and thoroughly enjoyed sleeping bundled up in the tent. Over the next few years, there were many beach trips and Tahoe trips and walks and zoos and aquariums.

Then in 2014, they welcomed their third boy Jon. Jon also took his first camping trip at 4 months like his biggest brother. This is where things start to ramp up in the Meyer’s life. They all really enjoy hiking and exploring. So they decide to get out more regularly. They discovered hidden hiking gem’s around their house making it easy to get out with three little ones. As the boys got older they went further and further hiking and adventuring. They started to explore other places and hikes. Erik and Christy started to realize that this is the life they want for their kids. Less stuff, more time spent together. So, they made it a priority to get out once a week, weather and life permitting. They made it happen and they love it! The boys learned about nature and grew in their hiking stamina. Erik and Christy are excited about the life they are building and they started to get asked about fun hikes to go on, places to take kids, where to stay in Tahoe and how they get out with three kids.

So they decide to start The Meyer Life Blog. Sharing is caring and the Meyer’s really care about you, and the life you live. If you want to get out, whether you have kids or not, you have come to the right place, they won’t steer you wrong. Erik and Christy are pumped to offer you inspiration for your ‘I want to go to there’ list and practical tips and products for living The Meyer Life.


What is The Meyer Life?
You may be wondering, what is The Meyer Life? Well, it’s our life…but it can be your life too. The Meyer Life is all about being together as a family, having fun and creating shared experiences. We choose to do that outside most of the time. But being together is the main focus. Exploring, learning and experiencing things together.


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