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Zippo Typhoon Matches

Last year we went on a weekend trip to Sequoia National Park. We had a fun day of exploring and adventuring and then made our way back to our cabin. Being a cold Fall night everyone wanted a fire (The kids really wanted s’mores!) so I broke out my cool battery operated plasma lighter and set about lighting some paper. The paper was a bit damp and when I touched it to the lighter it simply charred the edges. Paper was out so I grabbed some tinder and set it ablaze… Well maybe a light smolder. The kids were getting impatient and everyone was getting cold then, the lighter died. So here we are marshmallows in hand and no fire! I was able to borrow a lighter however, that night I decided I needed a fire starter that could withstand any elements (including water). There are many great lighters out there but I settled on the Zippo Typhoon Match Kit and I could not be happier! These matches are amazing! They burn for a full 30 seconds, burn under water, and come with a cool waterproof container. Lets check them out!


These matches will hold up to the strongest winds! You will not have to worry about a small breeze blowing these out! Be careful because once the match is lit it is nearly impossible to put out.


Long Burning

These matches will burn for up to 30 seconds which should give you plenty of time to start a fire… unless everything is wet, then it may take another match!

Water Resistant

The matches are covered in phosphorous which will allow the match to burn even when wet! Seriously these things create their own oxygen so they will burn in water!

The Container

The container is awesome just like the matches. The container floats on the water so if you drop it you won’t have to worry about it sinking! The strike pad is sealed and can be replaced when it is worn out. A molded lanyard slot will allow you to attach it to anything you want!

+ Pros

  • Almost anything-proof
  • Great rugged container
  • Long Burning

– Cons

  • Price is a bit high (but you get what you pay for)
  • Replacement matches are a bit pricy

I highly recommend these matches. They light no matter what, burn for a long time, and are very reliable. The Zippo Typhoon Match Kit is a must have for any adventure kit. Remember to always check your surroundings when lighting a fire, clear a defensible space and practice fire safety!

Get up, Get out, and Go Adventuring!

!! Keep out of reach of children! (Or adults who act like children!) !!


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