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Nature Coloring Pages

I have been doodling for most of my life. Only recently have I decided to do something with my doodles. I am so excited and a bit nervous to put our first ‘The Meyer Life’ product out into the world. Introducing…nature coloring pages! I have created four nature coloring pages for your kids, or you (adult coloring is all the rage these days) to download and enjoy.

The first page is a California state facts page with the state mammal, fish, bird, tree and so on. It also has a state flag and an outline of the state that you can label with locations or landforms. My kids and I have labeled our favorite places or the location of our next vacation or mountains ranges and lakes, this page has been a really versatile learning tool for us.

There are also three different tree coloring pages of a Coast Redwood, Giant Sequoia and Big Leaf Maple. Each page features a full tree to color plus leaves, seeds and pine cone or seed pods. I have used these coloring pages with my kids to help them learn how to identify Redwood trees from other evergreen trees. We are planning a trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a few weeks and we have used these pages to brush up on some of our tree knowledge, like what pine cones go with each tree and so on.

I think these pages are a great way to keep a love of nature and the outdoors fresh in between outdoor adventures. Plus anyway to keep kids hands busy while you talk to them about trees or California, will help them absorb all that you have to teach them. My kids learn so much better when their hands are busy. Plus when they hear information and then color a page with that same information on it they will retain most of what they heard because everything connects in their minds.

My hope is that you enjoy these coloring pages and that they keep a love for nature fresh in your heart even when you can’t be outside. These pages are FREE to download just click here to get them. These pages will always be here and free for you to download. But, I am working on more pages, different states, more trees, tide pool creatures and more. Those pages will be put in our new monthly newsletter and available only to subscribers. So keep an eye out for when we announce that and make sure to subscribe to get all of what we have in the works delivered straight to your inbox once a month!

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