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Hikers Companion Playing Cards

This past week we went on a wonderful hike out at Pinnacles National Monument (Stay tuned to the blog for more info on this trip). While we were hiking we came across some poop. Normal people don’t get excited about some poop on a trail however, we are not normal! The reason we were excited is because Jakob got a cool new set of cards which help to identify animals by a variety of things, including their scat. The Hikers Companion Playing Cards from Inkstone Design Inc.

The cards are easy to read and feature a picture of the animal, information on their habitat, stride measurement, front and rear paw prints with sizes, and scat shape and size. While not an exhaustive list, the cards provide a great variety of North American animals.

We were able to identify multiple local animals based solely on their scat!

The cards come with a carabiner and a cool imprinted rubber band that holds the cards in place. You can clip these to your bag and not worry because they are waterproof! After a long day of hiking and identifying animals you can settle down and play some card games because this is actually a full set of cards! Grab a set of these cards and start identifying animals today! If you have any questions, or want more pictures, let me know.

Get up, get out, and go adventuring!

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