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South Lake Tahoe Trip

Out of all the places that we travel we always seem to end up in Tahoe. Christy grew up going there on vacation at least once a year. I went to Tahoe a few times growing up but not as often as Christy. However, ever since Christy and I started dating it has been our go to spot. From snowmobiling in the winter, to kayaking in the summer Tahoe offers a little something for everyone.

For birthdays we don’t spend a lot on presents but instead we like to take small trips. In December we went to Yosemite and Tahoe for Jakob and Jonathan’s birthdays. Jackson was born in February which means Tahoe is usually the plan. We took the last weekend of February to head up the mountain in search of some snow. We arrived on Sunday as everybody was leaving town (our preferred time to arrive!) and got checked in to our hotel. If you are staying in South Lake Tahoe and have kids (Or not!) Base Camp Hotel is a great place to stay. They have awesome rooms including a bunk house, family room with bunk beds, and a camping themed room where you can sleep under a tent!

Check out this great family room!

Our family is not really into skiing or snowboarding, I tried boarding once and that was enough haha! We we looking for a place to go tubing/sledding and some snowshoeing. With small kids you never want to pay for an expensive experience in harsh weather. Someone will inevitably get cold/hot and want to leave! With this in mind we set out to find something that offered an experience everyone could enjoy (and didn’t cost a fortune!). Adventure Mountain (which we did not go to) offers some great sledding and tubing and won’t break the bank. If you have the money, and don’t mind heights, you can head up the mountain at Heavenly and take advantage of the tube runs near the slopes. We are on a budget and wanted to avoid the crowds so we headed to Bijou Park, a free park with a playground, disk golf course, BMX park, dog park, and a ton of open space.  When a BMX park is covered in snow it makes for some great sledding! They usually keep the road plowed but if it has recently snowed the roads may be a bit challenging without chains/4wd.

Check out the pictures from our trip!


Enjoyed some epic sledding!



If you have any questions about Tahoe hit us up! Get up, Get Out, and Create an Adventure!

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