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Morsel Spork XL

Hey guys I wanted to take a moment to share a great product with you! In full disclosure we are not sponsored by Morsel in any way. The images below and some text were taken straight from their site. I did order 5 of these as a part of a kickstarter and I could not be more happy with them. Take a look!

Camping utensils have been a pain point for a while. We started with dollar store cutlery and found them to be too bulky and the metal tasted odd. They were switched out with generic backpacking sporks which functioned, albeit with some compromises. They were pretty flimsy, and I broke a couple with some aggressive cutting action. They were also a bit short, I would often flip to the other side and end up touching the part that had been in my mouth previously. Not a huge issues but it sucked to get food/spit on my hand. So we continued our search for the perfect camping utensil.

I was browsing Kickstarter and happened upon a campaign for the Morsel Spork. I was immediately drawn to the design. They sold me and I instantly ordered five. It was cool to follow the process of Morsel becoming a company and bringing a product to life! I counted down the days until I could finally use mine! After spending some time using the Morsel Spork XL I can enthusiastically recommend getting one (or more!).

The Morsel Spork XL

5 IN 1 COMBO CUTLERY SET: Morsel is the world’s first part spoon, fork and spatula with a strong knife edge for cutting – resulting in an all-round camping dining tool. The fork as well as the spoon works like conventional cutlery, the spatula helps to enjoy your meal until the very last bite.
DESIGNED WITH RUBBER EDGE: Flexible rubber edge helps to scrape your gear completely clean and puts more food in your belly. Thereby it facilitates cleaning and avoids unnecessary waste of water.
EXTRA LONG & COMPACT SIZE: Morsel comes in two lengths. XL’s long length is perfect to get deep into food bags and easily scrapes the last bit without getting food all over your hands. The Standard size is the perfect multi utensil tool for having lunch at the office and makes an essential travel accessory. Great for on the go meals, travel, and outdoor adventure. Morsel XL is 10.5″ (265mm) long and weighs in at 0.85 ounces (24 grams).
STRONG AND DURABLE: Through its hardly destructible material our Morsel is designed to last. Therewith it is more versatile in comparison to conventional camping cutlery. No matter how you stow it in your backpack, it won’t break.
DISHWASHER SAFE AND BPA FREE: With our Morsel you don’t have to worry about anything. It is not made of materials that are hazardous to health and you can put into the dishwasher without any concerns.

From Morsel.

We have one of each color!

My family loves the Morsel Spork. The large size is manageable, even for the four year old! The angular spoon is great for cleaning out a food pouch, plate, or bowl. A morsel for each person and a few morsel spoons and you can streamline your utensils in a major way!

You can buy a great product and support us by purchasing your Morsel through Amazon. Click here to purchase on Amazon!

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