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Best Marine Kayak Paddles

This summer we have really been into kayaking and we are loving all of the cool places we have gone! One thing we noticed right away was how heavy paddles have a huge impact on the experience. We purchased our kayaks from a kayak rental company and the paddles were included. The paddles are aluminum shafts with molded plastic blades. These paddles are very strong and stand up well to abuse! The downside is that these paddles are heavy! After a long ocean paddle we decided it was time to look for something lighter!

There are many different types of kayak paddles. However, we were looking for something that would be a good all-around paddle. We are not paddling in white water or any other fast-moving water. We stick to still water lakes, rivers, and ocean inlets. So the quest was on to find a lightweight, inexpensive, and durable touring paddle.

We were at a kayak shop looking at paddles and I found a beautiful paddle that was made from one solid piece of carbon fiber. I was ready to take it home until I saw the price tag! This paddle was just north of $400! Christy gave me an emphatic “no way!” So my search continued.

I was browsing Amazon one evening looking for cheap carbon fiber paddles and I stumbled upon the Best Marine paddle. These paddles have a carbon shaft with a fiberglass reinforced blade. The price was about $100 for the paddle at the time and they were offering a coupon. I figured they were worth a try so I ordered two of them. We will take a look at the Pro’s and Con’s down below, but we love these paddles! They are easily one of the best priced carbon paddles around.


  • The paddle is very affordable at right around $99.
  • They are nice and long! Great for larger boats and tall people with long arms.
  • They are sturdy. Some reviewers complained about the internal shaft being short, I think they are fine.
  • They are pretty quiet. Not the quietest paddles but definitely quieter than the cheap aluminum paddles.
  • They are pretty light! They clock in at 33.5 oz. Noticeably lighter than stock paddles.
  • They come with a paddle leash included.
  • Great customer service! No questions asked warranty.


  • They are pretty long! This is great for a guy who is 6’3” with gorilla arms. If you are looking for something tight and compact, these are not for you.
  • They only break down into two pieces. If you are looking for a 3 or 4 piece breakdown these will be way too long.
  • They are not the lightest on the market. You can find much lighter paddles. Be prepared to pay more!

All in all these paddles were exactly what we were looking for. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and very durable. We have used them in still water and the open ocean with some very strong wind. They keep you moving in the right direction! If you are looking for an upgrade to your heavy touring paddle then look no further! If you live in the Bay Area hit us up! We are always looking for new kayaking friends!

If you have any questions about the paddles leave a comment below or send us a message. Get Up, Get Out, and Create an Adventure!

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