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Eco-Friendly Search Engine

Every day we grab our phone, laptops, and/or tablets and we hit the web to look at our favorite content, or search for something new. Search engines make money from ads and your page views. Have you ever thought about what that money gets used for? What if you could use a search engine that uses its profits to actually make a positive impact on the environment, and the world? This is where Ecosia comes in. Ecosia is a environmentally friendly search engine. When you use their app and view ads they turn around and use those profits to plant trees around the world.

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a search engine that invests profits in planting trees. They use ads just like any other search engine however, the money they raise goes to helping the environment. The simple act of using Ecosia allows for trees to be planted all over the world.

Why use Ecosia?

We all use the internet for a variety of reasons everyday. Why use the internet to the profit of others? Shouldn’t your search profits go towards something more meaningful? Search the we with Ecosia and put those ad profits to good use! Plant some trees, make a difference for farmers, help protect the planet. Ecosia provides financial reports, they are carbon neutral, and they protect your privacy.

Go download the Ecosia app and start searching! Use a computer? Install the browser plug-in. For more information go check out!

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