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Woodchuck Products

We are super excited to announce that we are partnering with Woodchuck USA! These guys make amazing products that are unique and beautiful. Not only do they offer nature-inspired products but they plant a tree for every product sold! 

From Woodchuck:


WOODCHUCK’s vision to create “a World More Connected to Nature” sparked the creation of the “BUY ONE. PLANT ONE.” Since 2015, with your help, we’ve planted over 1.3 million trees around the globe, affecting reforestation on all 7 continents. Our hope is to secure the biodiversity of our forests and ensure future generations can experience the same outdoor nature experiences that we are so passionate about.

But the theory and mission behind the trees goes much deeper than just tree planting. Globally, we’re creating jobs across the world and supporting the tribes that are planting the trees. It means that those families have money to support their families and buy food. All around the world this program has turned devastated and over harvested land into a reforested and re-cultivated habitat.

Recently we announced our global initiative to plant over 10 million trees by 2021. Our focus is on bringing communities, governments and corporations together to maximize the impact of our initiative and to have a bigger impact on climate change and reforestation across the world. We need your help to plant more trees.

We’re on a mission to reforest the planet. And we’re just getting started.

Check this out

We got this amazing journal to help us plan our next trip. It has everything you need to plan your adventures. Also the wood cover is beautiful. They also sent us an awesome keychain.  Check out the images below. 

We are also excited to share that you can get a discount with Woodchuck USA by using our code! use the code ErikM to get 15% off your order.

Disclaimer: We were provided these products without charge. However, we would not recommend them if they were not awesome. We love the mission of Woodchuck USA, and we are excited to join them in helping to plant trees around the world.

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